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One of the joys of running our own agency is that we can do whatever we want! We often come across interesting and exciting areas which we wish we could explore a little bit further, but are constrained by time and our client's objectives. So we decided to fund our own research to delve deeper into some of the things we are interested in, or simply don't feel there is enough widespread audience understanding on. We are then happy to share this proprietary research with anyone who is interested, it's our way of helping the wider cause.

Our first audience update was on ENGAGING CYNICAL AUDIENCES IN INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, this involved groups first with Daily Mail readers, then with engaged millennials. You might have seen our blog posts about it or perhaps read about it in the sector press. If not see below.

Our most recent audience update is about GEN Z and the ENVIRONMENT: what are the issues, behaviours and attitudes of this set of future change-makers; and how do they differ to the generations before them. 

Engaging a Cynical Audience in International Development

In this 2017 research we look at the reasons people give for 'disengaging' with international development; and try to understand some of the frames and values behind them with a view to uncovering effective ways to connect with these audiences.

We shared the learnings with (amongst others) DFID, The Charity Commission, Bond (the International Development sector group), Save the Children, Oxfam, RNIB, Water Aid and many more.  Our article in Bond was so widely shared we even had a copy of it sent back to us by a client (who hadn't spotted the authorship) as "something you might be interested in reading".  We also presented the findings at the Bond Conference in 2018 (follow up video below) and were cited in a series of articles by Molly Anders in the Devex UK Media Series.