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Borough Market takes the lead on reducing plastic use

As a busy new agency, we often find ourselves out and about between meetings and events, and we've been increasingly dismayed at the ubiquity of single use plastic bottles, cups and straws across the UK's cafes, bars and restaurants. So we were delighted to see Borough Market recently committing to phase out all single use plastic bottle sales: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/aug/23/borough-market-london-phase-out-plastic-bottle-sales-with-free-fountains There is plenty of innovation in this area (see for example http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2017/04/12/edible-water-bottle-could-put-end-plastic-packaging/) but until more sustainable technologies like these become the nor

Toyota - Safe and Sound

An idea that leverages more than a few social stereotypes, but great for any car manufacturer to be thinking about how to make driving safer.

Absolut - Equal Love

A heart-warming video from one of the increasing number of brands promoting openness and inclusivity when it comes to sexuality.

Brita - #swapforgood

We're always happy to see celebrities lending their voice to make environmental campaigns sexy - here, Brita have enlisted Lily Cole and Henry Holland in their campaign against single use plastic bottles. The potential impact of this is huge, and it's a totally credible area for a brand like Brita to be playing in.

Coca-Cola - A Bottle Love Story

The story here is certainly irreverent, but the message about recycling from the Coca-Cola company is very welcome. It is interesting too to see the portfolio brand communicated to consumers - a route we've seen taken by other organisations for communication around sustainability.

Putting the environment on the map

Donald Trump’s recent decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate accord was met with dismay around the world. Amongst the gloom though, it was heartening to see a range of companies stepping in to signal their continued commitment to the environment. They have joined a diverse collection of voices who have signed the “we are still in” initiative, committed to innovation to drive the US to lower emissions in the face of this regressive move from President Trump. From a consumer communication perspective, one thing I found interesting in all this is the way in which it brought the environment, and specifically brands’ activity on the environment, to the front pages. Global warming is c