B the Change - two years of B Corps in the UK

Yesterday we went along to an event to celebrate 2 years of B Corps in the UK. The evening brought together lots of different UK B Corps, and left us feeling inspired and proud to be part of such a movement.

Below are just a few reflections we had, as we were updated on how the movement has grown, and its plans moving forwards:

It's DIVERSE. We met people from all sorts of companies - from textile start-ups, to global outsourcing firms, to young agencies not unlike our own.

It's BIG. B Corps are now in 67 countries around the world, with a combined revenue of $36 billion - enough to put them in the top 100 countries for GDP.

It's AMBITIOUS. Conversations focussed not just on how we can each do business better, but on how we can all work together to create a more inclusive form of global capitalism.

We're excited to witness the continued growth of the B Corps community, both in the UK and globally... especially as bigger companies and those from more traditional or less historically ethical sectors get on board (a big ambition of the movement). It's clear that doing good has become increasingly prioritised for business, and we're excited about the potential that holds not just for commerce, but for the world we all share.

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