Officially part of the B Corp family

After a year spent as a 'pending' B Corp - our provisional driving licence so to speak, as companies need to be over a year old before they can gain official status - we've now been accredited as a fully fledged B Corporation. This accreditation recognises our strong track record of having a positive impact on people, society and the environment through the work we do for charities, the public sector and in corporate social purpose; as well as the way we treat each other, our suppliers and the wider world.

It's a natural fit for us given our purpose: to use research to improve the impact of social communications and programmes for the benefit of humankind. Becoming a certified B Corp has provided us with a framework that challenges us to further implement and apply this purpose into our day to day operations. It has also connected us to an innovative movement of other organisations who share similar commitments and the belief that success in business can and should be redefined.

We’re at the beginning of our B Corp journey, one that will involve the need for regular re-accreditation based on improvements to our performance! So we're not standing still, but we are very excited to be connected to such an exciting movement and be able to show the world the depth of our commitment to doing business better.

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London, UK