B-ing the change

As a B Corp, we're always keen to get the message out there about a better way of doing business that also incorporates social and environmental good. And in recent months it has seemed like more and more people are switching on to this too. From business leaders to central bankers, a wave of sometimes surprising spokespeople have been getting the message out there that business might have gone too far in terms of pursuing profit at any cost; that there's a better way to operate.

The B Corp community is absolutely central to this movement, as a group of businesses legally committed to pursue social and environmental goals as well as profit. And it's been great seeing B Corps taking some of the limelight: from this Economist article, focussed on Danone - the biggest B Corp to date to this Radio 4 programme.

We're big B Corps evangelists and always keen to share the message - so do get in touch if you're interested in your business becoming a B Corp, or just want to find out a bit more.

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