Pay Gap Pound – making social issues tangible

This month we loved the ‘Pay Gap Pound’ project by Mr President and SheSays.

Nearly 50 years after the Equal Pay Act, the gender pay gap still exists. The Pay Gap Pound initiative launched on November 2nd, the day that women in the UK effectively stop being paid compared to their male counterparts. The 82p ‘pound’ coin has been given out to 100 female influencers, to discuss and share with their audiences to highlight the issue.

We applaud this campaign for helping to create a tangible, visual icon to associate the pay gap concept with a singular image (in this case, 82p). It’s important that people have a shortcut, or in behavioural science a ‘heuristic’ to make an idea salient and accessible.

More so, the website invites people to understand how the issue manifests not in ‘the world’ or ‘our world’ (women) but ‘my world’ – by selecting their profession to see the rate of inequality for their industry.

We also believe that raising awareness amongst other women makes sense - in our research with middle-class working women in the UK, back in 2017, we learned that many women do not believe a pay gap exists today, and many women do not believe women are doing jobs that warrant equal pay to men.

Moving forward we’d like to see more ways to make

social issues tangible. Can the pay gap pound go into circulation? That might really get people talking.

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