The invisible threat to our environment – the internet

At Humankind, we think about how our actions as consumers and the actions of businesses contribute to climate change and environmental damage pretty much every day. Often it’s the obvious and visible things people worry about - flying, eating meat, plastic waste, but we came across this surprising insight this week…

“As of 2015, the world’s data centres, where exabytes of digital information are stored and processed, consumed about 3 per cent of the world’s electricity - and accounted for 2 per cent of total global emissions. This is about the same carbon footprint as the airline industry”

- New Dark Age, Technology and End of the Future - James Bridle

Will there ever be a future where we minimise browsing behaviours to reduce our carbon footprint? We can’t imagine it, but it’s interesting thinking about the myriad of invisible things we do that contribute to our rapidly declining climate.

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