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In a world where all the old certainties are breaking down, we provide innovative, nimble and dynamic research to understand how attitudes are changing and help understand the all-too-important shades of grey that are often missed by pollsters.  

We design every project to best fit the brief, drawing on our qualitative research tools including face to face, digital research, stakeholder collaboration, workshops and many other methodologies.  We also deliver mixed methodology projects working alongside our associate specialists in quant, semiotics and ethnography.  

Please contact us directly at hello@humankind-research.com to discuss further; whether you have a written brief or just have an idea for a project, we can help.


Our research is designed to provide sharp, clear and actionable insight to help  you ensure your message really connects and resonates  with your audiences.  We also offer a creative development 'sprint process' to help move beyond any surprises in quant testing.


We use a range of qualitative tools to get deeper understanding of what people think and what they do (and how these often differ), our research techniques are informed by the latest thinking in Behavioural Economics.  


Whether working for a government body or a campaigning organisation, it is increasingly important to have a clear view of public that goes beyond the numbers. We have a range of tools to help us get to the heart of even the most controversial issues.